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Why Does My Tooth Hurt? 5 Possible Reasons

If tooth or gum pain is plaguing you, contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. In this post, our Toronto dentists explain some possible reasons for your pain and what you can do until you get to the dentist.

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Treatment Options for a Gummy Smile

When you smile, how much gum shows? If your smile is too gummy, our Toronto dentists explain treatment options.

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Do These Simple Things to Avoid Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very common issue among Canadian adults, and it’s often caused by poor oral hygiene. Here, our Toronto dentists explain how poor oral hygiene leads to gum disease, and what actions you can take to avoid the condition.

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How to Fix Gaps in Teeth Without Braces

Our Toronto dentists explain the options available to you other than traditional braces.

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How To Tell If You Need a Dental Filling

If you have a cavity, you will likely need a dental filling to restore your tooth. In this post, our Toronto dentists explain why you'd need a filling, and describe different types to consider depending on your needs.

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How to Fix Stained or Discoloured Teeth

There are many things that can make teeth lose their whiteness, there are also many treatment options to help reverse stained or discoloured teeth. Here, our Toronto dentists discuss some useful tips to keep your smile bright and white.

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Dentistry for the Entire Family

In this post, our Toronto dentists explain the ins and outs of family dentistry and how we help kids, teens, adults and seniors keep their smiles healthy.

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My teeth are too big, what can be done?

If you are unhappy with the size of your two front teeth,  also known as lateral incisors, then you are not alone. In this post, our Toronto dentists discuss treatment options available to you if you want to increase your confidence in your smile.

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Dental Appliances Can Help You With Sleep Apnea

Sleep is essential to your health and wellbeing, and sleep disorders can seriously impact physical health. There are dental appliances available to help treat sleep apnea, and today our [SITEWIDE-LOCATION] dentists explain the options.

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Can Teeth Whitening Damage my Teeth?

At our Toronto dental office patients often wonder if whitening treatments will damage their teeth. In this post, our dentists provide information on the safety of teeth whitening.

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